Thursday, 24 January 2013

Find Job Postings in Chicago

OneJobOneCause is a job search engine that unites employers with job candidates in the most simplest and cost-effective approach.

The New Launch of OJOC

Here at OJOC, we’ve decided to re-launch our vision, our brand and our identity in 2013. At our core focus, we are a platform that matches employers with qualified job candidates with a more simplified and cost-effective approach. 
Step #1  is to have employers post their opportunities without having to pay exorbitant fees to reach the most highly qualified job candidates. We think finding the right talent shouldn’t be as costly as what other job sites are asking their employers to post. 
Step #2 is the demand side for a job seeker. We know how tough it is for job candidates to find the right job to match their skill set, let alone find any job at all. Although we can’t help bring back jobs that aren’t available, we can make the process of finding a job more efficient by more accurately matching their prior work experience to specific opportunities. 
We making a drastic effort to cut down the time it takes for job seekers to find job postings in NYC, Find job postings in Chicago, Boston etc. as well as alleviating (and hopefully eliminating) the pressure for employers to weed through thousands of applicants that do not qualify for the position.
We are excited for the next iteration of OJOC. 
Here’s to a happy and healthy new year and more good things to come.
Upwards and Onwards.
-Adam Greenwald

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